Pestanes.DaisiesFirst Holy Communion means receiving Jesus Christ. It means a part of him is inside of me. Jesus Christ tells me the difference between right and wrong. Jesus reminds me that he is the son of God. Receiving him is the beginning of First Holy Communion.

First Holy Communion means I’m practicing to be a Christian. Practicing to be a Christian means receiving one of the seven sacraments.  I’m practicing to be a Christian by asking myself if I am ready for First Holy Communion. It also means that I feel I need to be better at helping people. Practicing to be a Christian means I’m a child of God.

First Holy Communion is a sign that Jesus Christ loves us. God loves us by saying he loves us in prayer. It also means we have to love each other. He will help us when we are in trouble. Receiving my First Holy Communion is how God shows us that he still loves us. (Izabelle Nikole Pestanas)

KamyOn Sunday morning before going to church to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, I was really excited.  I felt I was ready to receive the Body of Christ.  It is important to me because it makes me feel closer to God and makes me understand how important it is to have Him in our lives and I thank Him for forgiving us of our sins.  (Kamarin Guerrero)


Matthew 1I felt nervous at the beginning and then I became more nervous when it was almost time to receive the Body of Christ.  I felt even more nervous when we started to fall in line.  I was nervous because I was so excited to finally receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  I have never received Holy Communion before.  I’ve only seen others and my parents go to communion, but I myself have never gone.

After receiving Holy Communion, I really felt happy and grateful to Jesus for being inside me.  I am also very grateful to my parents, teacher, other family members, and my best friends for being there with me.

I also liked the homily of Fr. Harold.  He talked to us about how big the love of Jesus for us is.  When we were on school on Monday, we did an essay – “What is love”.   In the end of my essay, I put “Love is when you sacrifice for someone like Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us because he wanted to save us from our sins.”

We took lots of pictures so we can remember that day as a very special day.  We also celebrated by going out to eat at Applebees (Matthew Bihag)