“I am the son of a hard working mother and a retired father.  They count on me to help them when mom retires and to help my brother too.  Just thinking about it, puts me into stress and makes it hard for me to believe I can achieve.  However there is one school, one place that has truly helped me along that road.  San Vicente Catholic School is not just a school, but a home.  The teachers have guided me from the day I got here to the day I will leave.  It inspired me to do new things, achieve my goals, and learn more from my mistakes.  Though, I will leave this school in a matter of weeks, the memories, education, and the feeling of a second home shall always follow me”. – Jacob San Nicolas, Student (2011)

“San Vicente Catholic School has always been a place that has felt right to me.  A school that has always been close to my heart… A school where I felt I could succeed.  As a parent, I knew that I would one day send my children here.  Why?   I see that the school has the values that are important to me and the value of integrating faith into the learning process.  As a parent, we worry about the safety of our children.  We worry about their educational foundation; we worry about passing faith and tradition to our kids.  Here at San Vicente Catholic School, I truly appreciate the family atmosphere that the school offers.  I see that my son is in a school environment that is safe, a school environment that invites him to learn and to take healthy risk as part of his learning process.  As a mother, I see that the school has partnered with me, to help my son have a deep love and respect for himself, others, his environment, and most especially God”.  Monica Flores Limtiaco, 1982 SVCS Graduate (Parent)

“San Vicente Catholic School, is it just another learning facility or is it much more?  Many who haven’t attended the school would agree it is, but us the students of the present and the past can say full heartedly that it’s more than that.  San Vicente is a second home to us… I can’t say I made it this far without giving credit to this amazing school.  The teachers, students, and classmates are not longer seen as what they are, rather seen  as a family.. .A school is one goes to learn, gain knowledge, develop, and achieve above and beyond the expectations of  others.  San Vicente doesn’t offer that.  It offers much more!  Along with that it provides us life lessons, advances us in everything we do, and helping to prepare us for the future that is inevitable… As the our School song states “Our love will always be with you, Beloved San Vicente School”!  This school will always be in our hears, because it helped to make us who we are”.  – Brandon McAuslen, Student (2011)

“San Vicente opened its doors to me about three years ago.  I was just entering middle school.  My very first day of school here at San Vicente Catholic School was very nerve recking.  I was coming from a different school and environment.  I didn’t know anyone. I was so scared, but I soon felt comfortable.  Everyone in my class was so nice and friendly.  They all welcomed me with warm arms.  This is how I knew that this a good school and everything is going to be fine…I have opened up here at SVCS.  I also met a lot of awesome people here”.  Elizabeth Celestial, Student (2011)

 …All the teachers I have met are very patient, caring, and understanding. The students that I’ve met are a very good influence.  They are all very smart and caring for others.  They all grew to like me and I grew to like them as well.  They all strive to meet their potential and learn to live up to God’s will…  – Korey Cruz, Student (2011)