San Vicente Catholic School bases its philosophy that students best develop their individuality and Christian ideals within a developing faith community.

In accordance with this belief, parents are acknowledged as the primary educators of their children and thus parents’ continuous participation in students’ growth and development is to be reinforced within the home as well as at school.

We believe parental involvement with students within the school is essential to the actualization of our ideals.  To achieve this cooperative endeavor, the school community shall establish a climate of trust, in which all can experience mutual respect, reverence for each person and cooperation.

In view of holistic education, we feel it is important to create an atmosphere of warmth wherein the students sense one’s acceptance, engage in learning as a pleasant experience and achieve success through development of one’s personal endowments.  We believe that flexibility in the curriculum allows the teacher to adapt to the needs of each student.

Thus, San Vicente Catholic School graduates will meet the challenges of a multicultural and rapidly changing society, serving as inspirational models imbued with Christian values. A well-nurtured self-development foundation will serve to enable students to continue their education and respond in service to local as well as global needs in the future.

Finally, it is in Christ Jesus, that we find our sense of direction to carry our mission to teach as He did.